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Have a network of recruiters, combined with the simplicity of the matching.

Matchez with a job for you. Home-full, hybrid, or on-site, please make your selection.


Recruitment as a service

We're more than a recruitment agency or an digital services company, we manufacture...

Our ambition is to succeed in doing so succeed the other, proposing a business model that is unprecedented, around the recruitment network, training, and editing software in the HR services and recruitment, based on collective intelligence, the sharing of the value and the transmission. We make the recruiting accessible to all. In this, we have positioned ourselves as a key player in the recruitment anchored in the social and solidarity economy.



Put your energy in the best opportunities

Our Talent coaches and Ambassadors tech are your best friends.
They tell you everything, the good and the bad – especially the truth 😉 – advise on the development of your professional career, and remain present even after the hiring, always listen to you.

Your time is valuable. We guide you in order to invest in the best opportunities of the market.

Be recruited or recommend individuals to your network.

We are convinced that ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’. That we are all sources of job opportunities for others.
You can register for free, recommending an opportunity or a person.


The strength of our
community Tech

TechByTech is a marketplace of single recruitment that brings Candidates, Companies, Talent coaches, RPO and Ambassadors tech across Europe and the world. We combine skills and networks transverse to feed our platform profiles in search of new challenges, permanent or freelance.

Matching and Sourcing, the best of 2 worlds

Our algorithm provides profiles that meet your missions, while our team of suppliers IT will multiply the acquisition channels to fuel your pipeline for qualified candidates.

Save time on your recruitment. TechByTech allows you to see at a glance the progress of your recruitment and its applications.