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    FAQ candidates

    Questions in your head ? Take a look at our FAQs.

    If you do not find the answer, don't give your tongue to the cat, please contact us instead via the contact form.

    How long before my profile to be taken into account ?

    Once your profile is completed, you will receive a response in less than 24 hours. In general, we are much faster.

    What skills are you looking for ?

    We work with various startups and companies in very different areas, in France and internationally. We welcome profiles with expertise in Infrastructure, Digital, Computer management, HR and Sales. In essence, all the competencies relating to the environment Tech and Digital.

    What levels of experience are you looking for ?

    We are looking for profiles with all levels of experience, regardless of their training.

    In which cities can I find a job thanks to TechByTech ?

    We are looking for people residing in cities all over Europe and the world according to the location of our customer requests.

    I just want to know my salary potential. Is there anything I can do I register ?

    We can not accept you on the platform if you are interested in.e by the discovery of new opportunities. Nevertheless, we propose ad hoc studies of wages and our Talent coach are available to guide you on the best salary issues.

    When will businesses be able to see my profile ?

    You can tell us when you want your profile to be visible, your profile will be visible anonymously in order to ensure equal opportunities regardless of your ethnic background and gender. An interview does not commit you to anything and you can always accept offers from other companies.

    If I accept a request for an interview, my profile will remain visible for other companies ?

    Yes. Your profile will be visible for 2 to 4 weeks. Accept a request for an interview does not mean that you are committed.e to a business and you can always accept requests from other companies.

    If I refuse a request for an interview and that I change my mind, what can I do ?

    We recommend you to honour the appointments and not to reject requests only when you are certain that you are not or no longer interested.e. You just need to prevent your Talent coach who will inform the company. If you have any questions about your salary or your future role in the company, our Talent coach are at your disposal.

    Am I bound.e to a company if I accept his request for an interview ?

    No. The acceptance of a request is only the beginning of the hiring process. It is simply a way to tell a company that you would like to learn more. Once you accept a request, the company will invite you to meet with his team for a technical interview. Accept a request for an interview does not mean that you are committed.e to a business, and you can always accept requests from other companies, and interviews with other companies.

    Y a-t-il interviews ? Are they technical ?

    Yes, there are different types of maintenance. Get in touch with your Talent coach in charge, a maintenance technical evaluation by our Ambassadors techniques, and interviews with the company.

    Yes. Accept a proposal you can be sure.e that a business is willing to make you an offer that suits you. In return, each company has its recruitment process, but you can expect to make testing techniques, talk about your experience, and to meet the technical team of the company.

    How long to find a job ?

    If you are serious.and as you unleash quickly the time required for the interviews, there are usually between 10 to 15 days between an initial and a final offer signed in CDI. For an offer, as a freelance, it is between 4 to 7 days, and this period is variable according to different parameters. 

    I like a company, but the opportunity is too low, or does not match exactly on certain points. What can I do ?

    If you are in this situation, we encourage you to discuss with our Talented coaches, each client has a flexible and criteria that they may review it according to your profile.

    The company I work for uses TechByTech. Can they see my profile ?

    No. We hide your profile with your current employer, and clients with whom you want, it will suffice to indicate your Talent coach. In addition, the anonymity of your profile, you can maintain confidentiality in all circumstances.

    I am still a student. What is the best time to join the platform ?

    In the framework of the search for a solution to mentoring, training, or looking for your first job.

    And if I'm looking for a short term contract or freelance ? Can I register on TechByTech ?

    Yes, if you are looking for a contract freelance in Paris or elsewhere, our platform is also made for you. We take care of the billing, and we ensure that you are paid.e in time. Please do not hesitate to contact us.