Get rewarded for sharing your network

Recommend and appoint candidates of your network, and / or opportunities of positions or missions, and be finally pay for. We have put in place a system of co-option that allows you to pay in part or candidates of your network are recruited or lead positions or missions are staffés.


are paid to our network of recruiters

of these 25% / 70%

you are paid if a candidate you have co-opted is recruited, or an opportunity of positions / mission that you have transmitted is staffée by our networks.

people who recommend

candidates from their networks have the opportunity to be paid.

Techbytech = WIN WIN

Partager la valeur la multiplie. Nous avons mis en place un business model, basé sur la blockchain et la répartition de la valeur qui permet à tous de gagner en cas de succès. Notre marketplace Cerebro vous alerte en cas de recrutement et vous confirme le montant rétribué.
You have the opportunity to co-opt a timely manner and be pay for. If you want to professionalise this approach of co-optation, recruitment, you can direct you to Techbytech Factory.

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