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1st network of specialised recruitment agents. Select (an) opportunity (des) for permanent position or freelance, Hybrid or full remote.

Recruit specialized profiles on a large scale

We're more than a recruitment agency or an digital services company, we manufacture...

Our ambition is to succeed by making others succeed, by proposing an original business model, based on collective intelligence, value sharing and transmission, around networked recruitment, training and software publishing in HR services and recruitment.

We make recruitment accessible to all.

Saving time for candidates and companies
Each person's network creates opportunities for all

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Co-opt profiles and/or opportunities.


Our agents will identify opportunities that are right for you and tell you about them.

Career Booster

Work on your soft skills with our certified coaches or train with our various Career Booster programs.

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Receive follow-up and constructive feedback after each interview.


You'll be rewarded for your referrals if you're recruited.

Techbytech Factory

Get trained as a recruiter, or develop your freelance activity in an agency/ESN.

Techbytech Invest

Join our community of learners, where you'll have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, whatever your field of activity.

Renewable energy and energy transition

A network of specialized recruiters at your disposal.

The strength of our

TechByTech is a unique talent marketplace that brings together guests, talent coaches, RPOs and mentors from all over Europe and the world. We combine skills and networks transverse to feed our platform profiles in search of new challenges, permanent or freelance.

Anyone can become a Recruiter

Our Talent Coaches are proud independents. La force de frappe de TechByTech, c’est l’humain. Nous formons des personnes ambitieuses qui désirent se lancer dans le recrutement et dénicher des talents. Nous renforçons sans cesse les compétences de notre équipe, grâce à nos formations de techniques de recrutement, sourcing et vente, qui s’adressent tant aux recruteurs juniors qu’aux seniors et ceux qui souhaitent se constituer en réseaux ou construire leur agence ou ESN.
Because we know that sustainable growth is first and foremost mutual, nous leur mettons à disposition des ressources humaines et outils digitaux afin d’accompagner leur réussite au quotidien. Être recruteur demande de la multidisciplinarité et de l’exigeance, c’est pourquoi nous bichonnons nos Talent coachs en leur reversant un pourcentage motivant et attractif de nos honoraires lorsqu’ils ont contribué à placer un candidat.

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Recruiter in the making
Who would like to become self-employed in an exciting new profession, enjoy geographical freedom, wait for financial freedom?
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Who wish to capitalize on their talent pool, acquire new assignments, scale up their freelance activity into an agency/ESN
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Who wants to invest in our agents or recommend and maximize their network and be rewarded for it.
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